Nursing Leadership For Patient Centered Care



Welcome to my website, Harriet's Bookshelf. Like any bookshelf, this is an eclectic place. Here you'll find information about:

butterflyMy recently published book, Nursing Leadership For Patient Centered Care, draws upon my years of experience in the nursing field as a nurse, a nurse administrator, and an advocate. It addresses what I see as urgent needs and issues currently facing our health care industry — such as poor outcomes in care, unsatisfying staff/patient encounters, and other problems within the healthcare professions.

You'll also find information about the Cherry Ames Series of books which inspired generations of young people to pursue a rewarding career in nursing. I am fortunate to have the copyright to this series of books and am gratified that through the auspices of Springer Publishing Company, these books are once again available for sale. Now readers familiar with these books can enjoy them once again and new readers can be motivated to consider nursing as a career choice.

Information about my upcoming speaking engagements also appear. I continue to advocate for nursing, patient centered care, and for effective leadership, and I am fortunate to have an audience that is interested in hearing about the experience and wisdom that I've acquired over time. My seminars are interactive and exciting; participants come away feeling refreshed and remotivated.

And finally, you'll hear about my newest project with a focus on the spiritual connection between living and end-of-life. It is to be a book filled with a series of vignettes that highlight experiences of individuals as they contemplate their demise. Some are patients as they patiently await their end but others can’t wait to get it over with — the waiting is something they find unbearable

Some vignettes include a spiritual connection between human and animal and some describe extreme loneliness — unbearable, self-inflicted isolation.

What these vignettes have in common is a description of the wish to talk and to be blunt and honest about feelings. Some of the working titles that I have considered are “Conversations With The Dying”, and “Waiting To Die”, but I have found these titles to be too dreary and depressing. Perhaps input from my visitors as I delve into this project will help me come to a better title.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find this place interesting, stimulating, and helpful. Feel free to comment, I look forward to your input and will take your remarks seriously as I continue to develop my site.

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